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30 sierpnia 2023

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Register a Car in Poland



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In today's globalized world, the process of purchasing and registering a vehicle has become a commonplace activity. Regardless of whether you're a foreigner or a local, the procedure remains the same. This guide aims to walk you through all the necessary steps and paperwork required to seamlessly register a car in Poland.


The Basics of Car Registration in Poland


First and foremost, it's essential to understand that every car, whether new or used, needs to be registered. This includes vehicles purchased within Poland and those imported from abroad. The registration process is a mandatory administrative procedure that authorizes a vehicle for road use.

When buying a car in Poland, it's reassuring to know that there are no restrictions for foreigners. You can buy your dream car from either a dealer or a private seller. Remember that after the purchase, you have 30 days to register the new vehicle.


Online Car Registration: A Step-by-Step Guide


In the digital age, the vehicle registration process can be completed online, saving you time and effort. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to register a car online in Poland:

  • Visit the website https://www.gov.pl/web/gov/uslugi-dla-obywatela.
  • Click on "Drivers and vehicles" followed by "Report vehicle sale or purchase e.g. Sale, Purchase, Gift (Online Service)".
  • Choose "Buy vehicle" then the tab "Via the Internet" - "Submit an application".
  • Specify how you want to sign in - this can be done with a trusted profile or an e-proof.
  • Fill out the form and enter the details of the seller and buyer, and the date of purchase of the car. You must also include proof of ownership such as a bill of sale, donation deed, or VAT invoice.
  • Select the communication department you report to and sign the document.

Please note that the old number plates and the registration certificate still have to be handed in at the office. They can be delivered by courier, for example.


Where to Register Your Car in Poland?


The vehicle should be permanently registered at the post office in your place of residence. This could be a district office, a city office for county towns, or a district office if you live in Warsaw.


Cost of Car Registration in Poland


Car registration in Poland comes with several mandatory fees. The most common car registration costs total PLN 180.5 and include:

  • Registration certificate: 54 PLN
  • Temporary residence permit for 30 days: PLN 13.5
  • Legalization sign: 12.5 PLN
  • Control sticker: 18.5 PLN
  • Registration fees: 2 PLN
  • License plates: 80 PLN

If you buy a vehicle registered at the same post office that you are subject to, you will save PLN 99.5 as you will not have to replace license plates and control stickers. Thus, the cost of registering a car is 81 PLN.


Registering a Car Imported to Poland


When registering an imported vehicle, most of the required documents are the same, but there are a few additional steps. If the vehicle purchase contract was drawn up in a language other than Polish, it must be translated by a sworn translator. The same rule applies to other documents related to the vehicle.

The imported vehicle must also have a valid MOT - you may need to opt for one even if the car has a valid MOT carried out at a foreign workshop. The registration of an imported car now costs 256 PLN.


Car Registration and Liability Insurance in Poland


Remember that one of the requirements for registering a vehicle is liability insurance. Without this protection, not only will you not register your vehicle, but you also risk a fine that the insurance company's guarantee fund may levy on you.


Registering a Car in Poland with Power of Attorney


After buying a car, the owner has 30 days to contact the communications department and complete the formalities. During this time, he can also appoint a proxy or a trustee.


Cost of Registering a Car in Poland with a Proxy


Although authorization with a third-party communications department avoids queues, there are some costs that the owner must consider. A standard power of attorney for vehicle registration provides for a fee of 17 PLN.




Purchasing a car, whether new or used, is an exciting venture. However, it comes with its fair share of paperwork and administrative procedures. Understanding how to register a car in Poland can save you unnecessary headaches and ensure that you're legally covered.


For a seamless vehicle registration process, you can consider using the services of akcyzawarszawa.pl. Specialized in car registration and excise tax calculation, akcyzawarszawa.pl strives to save you as much money as possible while ensuring you get the cheapest insurance. Their services are trustworthy, reliable and efficient, making the whole process pleasant and encouraging.


Remember, driving unregistered or uninsured vehicles can lead to hefty fines and legal trouble. Therefore, ensure to register your car and get proper insurance as soon as possible after the purchase.


Interesting Fact: Did you know that Poland is one of the top countries in Europe with the highest number of registered cars? According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, Poland had over 23 million registered cars in 2019.


Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal advice.

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